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NAAAP Wellness Wednesday: 

Identifying and Addressing Microaggressions

Join NAAAP-Chicago, NAAAP-Toronto, and our very own Dr. Elizabeth 방실 Smith Han PsyD for a highly requested event!

This event aims to provide a supportive space for Asians in North America and allies to learn about the subtle forms of discrimination known as microaggressions. Through interactive discussions, an expert presentation, and practical exercises, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how microaggressions manifest in everyday life and how to effectively address and counteract them.

 We so look forward to you joining us and being in wonderful community together.  

*Please come as you are and interact as much/as little as you would like.  
We hope to see you there!


Each month NAAAP Chicago's Wellness program hosts a free session of self-care called Wellness Wednesday!

Wellness impacts so many facets of our professional and personal life. Small things can make a big difference, from music to taking a walk. So we've planned an interactive activity each month to help prepare for and deal with growing stressors! Lets share ways we can foster our own wellness and the wellness of our workplaces, community, etc!

Culturally sensitive sessions will be facilitated by our founding leader of NAAAP-Chicago Wellness - Dr. Elizabeth 방실 Smith Han (PsyD).


Location: Online



Registration is FREE

Consider purchasing a membership for $50 (Discounted at $35 for Non-profit/Government & $25 for Students) to take advantage of a full year of this Wellness program, as well as many other programs and events offered by NAAAP-Chicago!


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26 Jun 2024
7:00pm - 8:30pm CDT

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